Top Female Criminals of 2018

by Alex Torus

“I like hurting little things that can't fight back.” —11-year-old serial killer Mary Bell

Are females the innocent angels feminists constantly portray them as? Hardly. They commit crimes as heinous as any man's. The following stories prove it.

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Some observations concerning these crimes:

  1. the motives are trivial
  2. the victims were defenseless or considerably weaker (babies, infants, the sick, the elderly) than the perpetrators
  3. the modus operandi were sneaky and surreptitious (e.g. poisoning)
Might these characteristics, which support the stereotypes of females being fickle, cowardly, and sly, be typical of female crime? If so, women may be committing many more serious offenses than they are being caught and held responsible for, since crimes are likelier to go unnoticed when there is no clear rational motive for them, they are carried out in ways meant to evade detection, and the victims can't speak out.

Posted July 14, 2018. Updated July 29, 2018.