Writing Guidelines

Since this site is about exposing political correctness, it would be counterproductive to help spread it by using our adversaries' loaded terms.

We ask authors to observe the following conventions when writing for this site.

We prefer:

We discourage the use of the following terms (unless for expository or ironic purposes):

We encourage the use of the following words and phrases:

loxism -
Hatred of or contempt for non-jews by jews. (Someone who regards non-jews as inferior to jews is a loxist.)
misandry -
Hatred of or contempt toward men.
mangina -
A pejorative term for a male feminist.
heterophobia -
A hatred or fear of or irrational aversion to heterosexuality.
social justice warrior -
A pejorative, ironic term for a Cultural Marxist.

Last modified February 1, 2019.