Bikes vs Dykes

by Alex Torus

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle? What bullcrap. In fact, the opposite is true: Men need women like a giraffe needs a periscope. Men could keep society running just fine without women — roads would be paved, bridges built, power generated, factories run, crops harvested, livestock slaughtered. The same could not be said of a society populated exclusively by females. A society of women would resemble a Third World shithole.

The only thing men need from women are sex, love, and their reproductive facilities. If it weren't for their pussies, women would have been exterminated aeons ago.

Now that women are refusing to put out or be mothers, of what use are they? The modern western woman is an unpleasant, plump, entitled parasite.

Bring on the sexbots!

Blond sex robot

Posted May 14, 2019.