Boycott Female Politicians and the Pink Ribbon Campaign!

by Alex Torus

There are two simple things any man can do to oppose Big Sister that require little effort:

  1. In any election, vote against the female candidates. Even if a female happens to be the best candidate, vote against her for whichever male is the least objectionable. Even if you are apolitical or one of those people who believes that "if voting could change things, it wouldn't be legal," do it anyways — it'll only take an hour or two and will, despite what you may think, make a difference. In a democracy, those who don't vote give their power away to those who do.
  2. When you're in a store, refuse to buy any product that has a pink ribbon on it. If, say, a box of tissues or a package of toilet paper has a pink ribbon on it and part of the purchase price goes to a breast cancer charity, buy the next best brand that doesn't have one. You get bonus points if you write to the company afterward to tell it why you didn't purchase its product and that you may consider buying its products in the future if it switches to a sex-neutral charity or, better yet, to a blue ribbon for prostate cancer.

Men are about half the population and it's about time we started flexing our electoral and consumer muscle.

Some men may experience pangs of conscience or feelings of guilt at even the thought of doing the above. A few years ago, before a woman with a sweet, innocent face skillfully entrapping me in order to file a frivolous harassment complaint against me gave me a rude awakening, I might have been one of them.

These men I would ask to consider the following:

Posted July 8, 2018.